Prototype Kinetic Model ‘Herne Bay Heron’ unveiled


An interactive Heron sculpture has landed on the Herne Bay pier. Unveiled Wednesday 9th August by Sir Roger Gale, the aluminium Heron is a scale model of the full 10 metre-high version which is hoped will be sited on Neptune’s Arm as part of the proposed Herne Bay Kinetic Sculpture Trail, a series of sculptures that will stretch along the coastal path from the Bay to Reculver.The scale model will remain on the pier on public display until the end of August.


The Kinetic Coast Team are hoping the Heron will inspire and encourage support and funding for the next phases of the project and will act as a focal point and emblem of civic pride in the renaissance of Herne Bay as a visitor destination. The team is confident that this and the entire sculpture trail will prove a significant boost to the Bay, bringing extra visitors to the town, generating increased footfall and a more prosperous local economy.

The initial phase of the project and scale model was funded by Kent County Council, local businesses Philip Gambrill & Co and Sandancers as well as donations from over 50 individuals.  The scale model Heron, made by Nagual Creations can be manipulated using a handle which will move the Heron from a standing position to a flying position.  The full height version will be moved by the power of the tide.

Jason Hollingsworth of the Kinetic Coast Team said, “We are delighted with the scale model and hopes it will fulfil its main purpose which is to capture the imagination of the public, the town and potential funders. This project is a unique offering in an ideal setting and certainly in tune with the growth and renaissance Herne Bay is currently experiencing”

Phillip Long, also of Kinetic Coast,added, “This is a truly exciting initiative which could rank right up there with Gormley’s Crosby Beach installation and the Angel of the North, I am thrilled to be part of it. I hope the scale model can set some minds thinking and inspire widespread support”.

The team commissioned an initial economic impact study by David Geddes of the Destination Consulting team of Colliers International.   Mr Geddes said in the report, ‘While there are many sculpture trails, we are not aware of any situations where there are a number of kinetic installations linked by a walking trail.  Herne Bay does seem to provide an unusually good opportunity to do this because of its long seafront, connected by walking and cycling paths.The trail could be a strong destination in its own right.  If executed in a manner that is original and strikes a chord with the public, it can attract hundreds of thousands of visits from outside the town that would, in turn, could inject several million pounds into local businesses.’

The next phase of the project will be to source the necessary funding required to undertake a full technical feasibility study, with a view to gaining final funding for the full project.

Anyone wishing to donate to or sponsor the project, please contact Jason Hollingsworth –


Though very early in the project, we have attempted to provide some background below.  However, in most cases, full answers will only be known after the technical and engineering studies are carried out.

What is Kinetic Coast?

A proposal for a series of large kinetic sculptures placed within the Herne Bay Coastal Park between Herne Bay and Reculver Towers

Who is behind the project?

Kinetic Coast is a Bayguide CIC project in collaboration with Nagual Creations

How much will it cost to deliver the sculpture?

Initial estimates are in the order of £100k for the Heron and all its supporting tidal actuators and civil engineering requirements.

How much will it cost to maintain and keep working?

It is intended that the design will make sure any on-going costs are kept to a minimum by the use of modern durable materials.

What are the key project phases?

The first phase is to design, fund, build and install the Heron as a flagship piece.  We envisage the delivery timetable, subject to funding, is 2-3 years.  Once delivered, we would then look to commission and deliver additional sculptures along the trail.

How will it help the town?

In line with Collier’s reports, increased visitor numbers means increased spend within the Town which has a knock-on effect in the local economy with increased demand for goods and services and hence income and jobs.

How long will it be there?

The design life of the sculpture is intended to be 100 years or more.

Are there any environmental/planning concerns?

None are known at this point but full studies and consultations will be undertaken to ensure that the sculptures will be in keeping and complimentary to the surrounding areas.

Who has supported the project so far?

The project has been supported financially by Kent County Council, local businesses as well as more than 50 individuals.  We have also obtained support in kind from Colliers International, Nagual Creations and many local businesses.  In addition, Simon Cook – Leader of Canterbury City Council has offered support in the form of officer time and advice.  The project has been endorsed by many local community groups including Herne Bay Coastal Community, Baypromo Team and Beach Creative.

How will the local community be involved?

The Kinetic Coast team are looking to work closely with local schools, universities, community groups and artists in the realisation of the trail and maximising the educational benefits that it can provide.

For further details, please contact Jason Hollingsworth –

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